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Violent Nomad

Tungsten point at one end - writing pen at the other.

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Gerald W McAlister
This tactical pen has gravitas...!!

God forbid that you have to use a pen as a weapon...but if you do, this tactical pen will punish the attacker in the worst possible way. This pen has a "sturdy feel" in your hand. I plunged the pen into a thawed turkey to evaluate and determine just how effective it would be. It achieved a devastating puncture wound to Tom the Turkey. Keep this tactical pen at the ready!

This tactical pen has gravitas...!!

When you wrap your fingers around this tactical pen you can feel the sturdiness and strength it will bring to bear against an assailant. I performed my usual "Turkey Test" with this pen. The pen achieved several inches of penetration. God forbid you have to use a pen as a weapon...but if you do...have this one at the Ready!

Ola Oesthus
Reflection about the Ready Room

Easy going perspectives about survival
where we learn about components as OODA, survilance, intelligences, and the diversity of threats on travels, work place, home. Preparation
Understand the needed skills and knowledge basic to survive from a civilian citizen to the professional business man/women, and all kind of operators.
The treaths that exists among us, and what to pay attention to.
Very good set up and put together.
Cover topicks from A to Å
Thank you
Will return SOOON!!

Excellent Pen

An excellent tool that will most likely be there for writing purposes, but will also be a nice layer of security to every day carry. I recommend that you purchase one or more for personal carry as well as gifting loved ones with peace of mind as well.

Great pen

As good as some of the ones that are 2 to 3 times the price... its great for travel and to buy 3 or 4 to have one everywhere... 😁

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