Escape the Wolf: A SEAL Operative’s Guide to Situational Awareness, Threat Identification, and Getting Off The X - Autographed

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Escape the Wolf raises the safety IQ of today’s global travelers. Using Escape the Wolf’s exclusive, holistic Total Awareness System, international travelers are empowered to identify, minimize, or avoid all types of wolves or threats—from common crime, health issues, and natural disasters to kidnapping and even terrorism. The author shares his years of hands-on experience in dealing with high-risk situations.

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Alan Britton
Escape the wolf

Great book with a lot of good information

Matthew R. McCoy
Another great resource from Mr. Emerson

I own all of Mr. Emersons' books, and all of them are truly great sources of information, including his autobiography "The Right Kind of Crazy". I actually have the original version of this book, but wanted the updated version, and frankly, appreciated the nice touch of it being autographed. Before reading any of these books, I listened to him speak on several podcasts, and what stuck out to me more than anything else was his sense of humor. But in respect to this review, buy the book. His former career really offers a unique, extremely useful perspective that's tailor made for this type of material.

So if you'd rather lay back in your bean bag chair and watch re-runs of "Ricki Lake", or sob into your pillow at night while Michael Bolton plays on repeat....then go for it. But one day, I hope the meat puppet staring back at you through the mirror is hideous enough to prompt you to purchase this book. Otherwise, you're just food for the wolves.

T. D.
Educational and well-written

A great resource for anyone who travels for their job, or even for leisure. There are lots of take-aways and the consistent reminder that appropriate preparation prior to travel is the best defense from finding oneself in a shitty situation that could have been avoided.

I really liked the "Review" sections after each chapter which helped to reinforce the concepts discussed, and even included some real-life examples of how the principles were (or were not) followed.

If you have any plans to travel outside of the US (or maybe to a semi-permissive part of the US), you should read this book.

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