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A clear practice padlock can help you visualize the lock's inner mechanisms. Of course, there will come a time when you'll test yourself in picking regular padlocks.
Even with the right tools, professional locksmiths still take a long time to defeat padlocks. That's why our practice set includes the following:
  • Transparent and clear practice padlock casing allows learners to see how all the moving parts work
  • Visible pin movement when a key is inserted in the lock and turned
  • Visible up and down pin motions as the key slides into and out of the practice lock. 
  • Allows all levels to visualize the action of each lock pick inside a normal lock
  • The perfect practical companion to our free eBook with each lockpick set in order to give learners a theoretical guide on how the practice lockpicking and how the tools work.
  • It works perfectly as a fully functional normal padlock, even if it’s just for practice.
Lock Specification:
Height: approx. 3 inches / 7.6cm
Width: approx. 2 inches / 5cm
Thickness: approx. 0.5 inches / 1.3cm
Weight: 110g
Package Contents:
1 x Fully working, Transparent Padlock with a visible mechanism for lockpick training
2 x Keys

Customer Reviews

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Derek Ferguson
Great practice lock

Great product to learn on. Only thing I wish is that the pins would be more offset. They are all roughly the same height, so Tacitus really easily.

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